Peacekeepers on the Mockingjay set. May 10th, 2014

Peacekeepers on the Mockingjay set. May 10th, 2014

They change us until we barely recognize ourselves as human.

Elena + nicknames.

In 3x22, Elena had to make a choice between Damon and Stefan and in that situation, she chose what she knew, what she thought was right. In 5x21, it wasn’t a choice between Damon and someone else. It was choosing to be with Damon, knowing that they were unhealthy, or choosing to be miserable without him because they were unhealthy. In 3x22 her choice was more about not choosing Damon…In 5x21, Elena doesn’t need any validation. She just knows that she needs him, even if it’s the worst choice she will make, even if she questions if it’s right because there would be nothing worse than not having him, nothing worse than not seeing him again, nothing worse than not touching him or kissing him, tasting him, telling him how she feels. She didn’t tell him how she felt about him in 3x22 but here she couldn’t stop herself. -[x]


Jade Ehlers Photoshoot 2014


      I thought I was never going to see you again. And I couldn’t find a
                       worse way to die. — Well, I guess today is your lucky day.